Pooja Soha
Aachen, Germany

Bio: Still a beginner! If writing is happiness, why not try blogs? Well, I'm an Indian master student at RWTH Aachen university, Germany. I'm studying Software System Engineering, don't ask me if I'm good at coding! 😛 My life actually began once I decided to do masters in Germany. The lessons I learn every day forced me to pen them down. So here I'm! I don't have much to tell about myself, I hope my posts define me well! Follow on Instagram to know more https://www.instagram.com/prost_to_life/ @prost_to_life 🙂 Enjoy reading 🙂

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  1. Millionaire's Digest says:

    Dear Pooja,

    This is K&L from the Millionaire’s Digest, and I’ve accepted your request to become a writer for our Lifestyle, Psychology, Successful Living and Travel Magazine!

    Now that I have approved you as one of our writers for our magazine, I have added you to our team full of magazine writers, so whenever we get ready to launch and publish a new magazine that you requested and got accepted to write for, I will make sure to email you the invitation at the beginning of each month if the magazine we’re coming out with is one of the magazines that you applied to write for.

    Also, this invitation will include all of the information you will need to know regarding the magazine as well as the instructions for getting your articles sent to us. Have a nice rest of the day and thank you!

    Millionaire’s Digest Magazine Founder & CEO

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    1. Pooja Soha says:

      Sure, thank you. Looking forward to write an article 🙂


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