Have you found your “Me too”?

Holaaa..How’s it going? 🙂

I was a little held up with my new iPhone and I was busy getting used to it. Well, I love it now (if you have read my previous post :P).

My today’s blog post is about how hard it is to find someone who has same thoughts and same perception you have. How pleasant is it when you say you like something and the opposite person says “Me too”, instead of asking Why, How, What. Isn’t life easier with one such person who understands everything without any explanation? If you have already found one, you are really lucky and you should treasure that person. Yes, it’s not so easy to find someone who matches every aspect of your life. I was just wondering why I feel lonely at times though I have a lot of friends around, the next moment I realized it’s because I haven’t found anyone with the same taste as mine yet. Yes, everyone has different perception and I respect it. I can’t hate them just because they think else.

I recently started talking to a person and it seemed like we had same thoughts and the way we look at things were similar, I was so happy to meet this person. But after a week, we kinda had an argument and I was so shocked that his perception was totally different and I don’t know if I just misjudged this person in the beginning but at least on that day, I felt he can’t be my “Me too” friend. I even realized people only understand things from their level of perception. I again started wondering, Ok! so, where is my “Me too” friend and how long does it take for me to find this person!? I don’t know.


Now the question is, should I be ok with everyone even though our perceptions don’t match? even though I hate everything they say? even though I don’t like the way they look at things? And do you wanna say this is life and we have to adjust everything and fine tune things so that we get along with people? Yes, that is what I’m doing! but I’m not ready to accept everything and everyone with the different perception, sometimes it’s really annoying and that is why I prefer to be alone at times. That doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with them, of course, I can but not a good friend probably. I always wished I had someone who thinks just like how I think and who wishes things that I wish for and still wishing. If you also feel lonely, probably this is of the reasons and don’t worry, we will find our “Me Too” friend soon 🙂

So, do you have a “Me too” friend? Comment below and let me know how long did it take for you to find this person.

Until next time…… ❤


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  1. turning20web says:

    Nope… I haven’t found a ” me too” friend yet… Where on 🌍 he or she is?? Haha…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pooja Soha says:

      You will find him/her soon 😛 right person will come into your life in the right time


      1. turning20web says:

        Yeah… God’s timing is perfect

        Liked by 1 person

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