iPhone and I

It’s such a pleasure to be an iPhone user, oh no not really 😛 My brother recently gifted me an iPhone and it’s giving me the hard time. Being an Android user, it was a tad difficult to get used to iOS. Especially on the first day, after unboxing the phone, oh yeah it all began there. Felt like I’m dealing with an unknown, rich, sensitive, stubborn girl (if you know how it feels) 😛

  • Omg, where is power button?!
  • Why is it asking for apple id everywhere?!
  • Should I install any app to move data from android to ios?!
  • Dude, how do I go back?!
  • Why is this square thing on the screen so annoying?!
  • What?! can’t I share the music?!
  • Why are these icons wobbling!? :O
  • Where do I insert my memory card!? :O 
  • How do I use 3d touch!?
  • Oh damn, now I have to carry the charger all the time!
  • So,  home button is the solution for everything? 


Well, these were just the questions from the first day. probably I will have more questions for the next one week. But yeah, of course, iPhone has its own charm and I love it. I hope I get used to iOS and start loving it. Let me see how impressive this iPhone is!

PS: You all iPhone lovers, ain’t complaining, just sharing the first day experience 😛

Until next time…… ❤



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fjordstrøm says:

    Good luck with your iPhone! I’m sure you’ll get used to the UI 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pooja Soha says:

      Thanks! Yes, hopefully 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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