Because You Only Live Once!

At times, we just tend to forget to enjoy the life we’re living and we don’t pay attention to the little things that make life beautiful. But think of it! Dreams and wishes are of course part of our everyday life. Who doesn’t dream? who doesn’t wish for things in life? Every time I see #YOLO ( You Only Live Once), I get motivated to pursue my dreams and wishes, no matter how small, how strange and how weird they are.

This life is a beautiful place and we’re here once, so we better enjoy it now!

Someday, I just want to get away from everyday monotonous routine, wanna explore new places, taste different food, taste every type of wine that is available, party with random people. I just want to buy a car and a camera, go on a road trip for at least a week, maybe with someone I love, never mind going alone 😉 and the best part of road trip is not just arriving at planned destination, it’s all the cool and wild stuff that happens along the way. Listen to my favorite song while driving, stop at random places to take a lot of pictures, yes I’m photo freak 😛 How about getting lost in a forest? wow, ain’t it? I love spending time in the woods, running through the forest, chasing sun and fog, sleeping under tents, that would be amazing. I want to meet new people, I love talking to strangers, we never know how inspiring and interesting their lives are. I wanna go to a beach, wear a bikini and just lay down on beach sand for abundant vitamin Sea (C). I wanna go deep sea diving, be a mermaid, swim with fishes, wow. Watch the sunset at the beach, take a stroll on that lovely sand and cool breeze inside my hair. OHH just take me there ❤

I’m sure everyone has wishes like this. Well, all it takes is just a proper plan, do it, enjoy your life, don’t let your dreams and wishes just to be your imagination! Do what makes you happy, break your fear, do things which you were always afraid of, do things which are assumed to be impossible. Just enjoy your life!!

Yes dude, You Only Live Once, #YOLO!

Until next time…… ❤



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